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Dr. Danny Vleggaar, International Expert on Sculptra® Aesthetic

VleggaarDr. Cynthia M. Gregg and her staff hosted Dr. Danny Vleggaar, head of Dermal Rejuvenation and Substitution Therapy, Esthetic and Reconstructive Surgery at Clinic Vert Pré in Geneva, Switzerland and also chairman of the advisory board and clinical consultant at the Clinic for Injectables, The Hague, The Netherlands. Dr. Gregg was honored to be chosen to host Dr. Vleggaar as only a very few practices, nationwide, were selected to work with him during his visit to the United States.

Dr. Vleggaar is an internationally renowned expert on injectable ploy-L-lactic acid (PLLA) and was one of the first to use this material for facial rejuvenation. He has presented his clinical experiences with PLLA at numerous international meetings and has pioneered the injection techniques on facial sculpting, with PLLA, that are now accepted and are being taught as standard. He is recognized worldwide as an expert in this procedure.

sculptra_logoDuring his visit, Dr. Vleggaar trained Dr. Gregg and her nurse injectors on the newest techniques using the PLLA, Sculptra® Aesthetic, for facial volumetric corrections. Dr. Gregg said: “What an honor to host Dr. Vleggaar in our office. We enjoyed being able to learn from his vast experience and discovered some new techniques to improve our patients’ outcomes. Sculptra Aesthetic is the one injectable product that truly replaces lost facial volume that is the biggest sign of facial aging.”

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