How the Face Ages

Using some mother and daughter images we can illustrate how the face changes as we age. When using injectables to reverse these signs of aging, we use a combination of different fillers and neuromodulators to customize the treatment for each individual, depending on their areas of age related facial change and desired outcome.

Mother daughter split photo shows how the face changes over time:

Same mother daughter split photo shows the evolving triangle of age that changes the contour, shape and structure of the face:


Mother and daughter, side-by- side, shows how the contour of the face changes with loss of facial volume:

Another mother and daughter split photo shows how the lips change with age:

Midface volume loss creates several signs of aging. As the Ogee Curve flattens due to loss of volume, the face will sag. The Ogee Curve of the face is the double soft-S curves that is a convex fullness in the brow that softly curves where the eyelids meet and then softly curves outward on the upper cheek to again curve just above the mouth. The photos below show the flattening of the Ogee Curve with loss of midface volume:

Midface volume loss also is responsible for sagginess in the pre-jowl area and prominent nasolabial folds as is shown in this photo:

This split mother and daughter photo shows the changes evident from the loss of volume in the midface:

Normal facial aging plus the impact of environmental factors such as sun exposure or smoking, give each individual different areas of concern when looking at fillers or neuromodulators to rejuvenate the face. Dr. Gregg and her experienced Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialists are able to customize a treatment plan, using an array of products to help patients realize their aesthetic goals.