Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Cosmetic Ear Surgery


Cosmetic ear surgery can be performed in many different ways to alter the shape, size and position of the ears.

Why have ear surgery performed?

People have different reasons for wanting to alter or adjust the shape, position or general appearance of their ears. Here are some common reasons people decide to have ear surgery:

  • Abnormally large or small ears
  • Ears that protrude abnormally from the head
  • Injury that has affected the shape or position of the ears

When to have the procedure?

Ear surgery that is performed to change the shape, size or position of the ears is usually recommended after a person is 5 to 7 years old, when the ears are of appropriate size.  There are also social changes that coincide with this age, when the child may be more susceptible to being teased.  Adolescents and adults can also benefit from ear surgery.  Schedule a consultation with Dr. Cynthia M. Gregg to discuss the best option for you or your child.


Ear surgery is outpatient, and the patient is sent home with a family member or friend the day of the surgery. Recovery from ear surgery can vary from person to person. Patients can experience swelling and bruising. Rest, cool compresses, and pain medication taken as necessary can be very helpful in the recovery period. Dr. Cynthia M. Gregg uses advanced surgical techniques to reduce visibility of the small incisions used during the procedure. Patients can return to work or school in about a week after the procedure.