Cold Weather Takes a Toll on Your Skin!

Cold Weather Takes a Toll on Your Skin!

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Cold Weather Takes a Toll on Your Skin!

Although the winter wonderland is very pretty, the cold temperatures do not make your skin pretty!

Going from warm to cold can be very stressful for your skin, requiring changes in your skin care routine to keep your skin hydrated and radiant. When there is a drop in temperatures there is also a drop in humidity levels, which results in dry dull skin.

There are many things you can do to lessen the effects of cold temperatures on your skin:

  1. Avoid long hot showers. Shower for shorter periods of time and use warm rather than hot water. Hot water strips the moisture and natural oils out of your skin making it even drier.
  2. Use a humidifier in your home to replenish the moisture in the air that is reduced by the blowing heat.
  3. Do not sit close to your roaring fireplace, the heat from the fire is extremely drying to your skin.
  4. Cover your face when you are out in extremely cold and windy conditions as the wind also strips your skin of moisture.
  5. ALWAYS use sunblock no matter the temperature. UV rays can damage your skin in cold weather as well as hot. As Dr. Gregg advises, always use a physical block rather than chemical to provide the most protection for your skin.
  6. Cut back on your home use of exfoliation and drying masks. Seek professional services for peels and hydrating treatments.
  7. Have a licensed aesthetician or nurse specializing in skin care evaluate your skin and advise you as to the specific products you should be using during cold weather to ensure that you are appropriately hydrating and protecting the delicate skin on your face and neck.
  8. Do not neglect your lips! Your lips become especially dry in cold weather and should be scrubbed and hydrated frequently. You can purchase a lip scrub or you can also put some sugar on a wet fingertip and gently rub the lips, use a soft toothbrush to gently rub them, put petroleum jelly on a soft washcloth and gently rub or mix a little brown sugar with olive oil and gently rub. The key to successful exfoliation is to be extremely gentle and to use moisturized lip balm afterward. When you use sunblock on your face, be sure to include your lips
  9. Alcohol and caffeine are very dehydrating so drink both in moderation during cold weather and be sure to include water in your diet.

Our clinical staff is exceptionally experienced and well trained in all aspects of skin care and can help you to determine the proper products for your individual skin to ensure that you are doing all possible to maintain your best skin health during the winter months.

Call our office to schedule a consultation.

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